P52: Week 37

“I’ve learned that I still have A LOT to learn.” –Maya Angelou

37|52 This picture is a  kind of a repost.  Last week, I shared a version of the image below on a photographer’s page as she was offering to do a one sentence critic. She suggested that I square up, include the base and make the catcher the focus of the frame. When I went back to look at my SOOC shot, I realized that my image had all of that so I posted my original for her to see. She questioned why I made the decision to crop the photo the way I did. After thinking for a bit, I realized that I was trying to follow the rule of thirds and avoid a centre composition. I am still at the point in my photography journey where I am trying to follow the rules to make my images stronger.   But she helped me see that my centred “rule breaker” crop told the story better and I really liked it more. She told me to always listen to my gut. Lesson learned. Thank you, Kate!


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