Project 365

Project 366ish: Week 29 & 30

“It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love”
― John Lennon

197|366  Hanging out.  Andrea-hw2-6

198|366  Lunch Time. Andrea-hw2-9

199|366 Boys in a box.   Andrea-hw2-11

200|366 Daddy playing in a US Amateur Qualifying round.  day200-1

201|366 Deep breaths in the forest.   day201-1

202|366  My Mum and my Girl. day202-1

203|366 Owl eyes at dinner.  Andrea-hw3-1

204|366 Happy 10th Birthday, darling M!birthday-1

205|366  Cake!  day208-1

206| 366   Picnic!?!   Andrea-hw3-2

207|366  Bathtime.  day207-1


208|366 Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary, my Love! So blessed to have you as my partner in life.  (iPhone)IMG_3052

209|366 Evening swimming.  (iPhone)  IMG_3061

210|366  My 3 little Loves in the frame.   kids-1



Project 366ish: Week 27 & 28

“If I dismiss the ordinary — waiting for the special, the extreme, the extraordinary to happen — I may just miss my life.” ~ Dani Shapiro

183|366 Swings day183-1

184|366 Silks day184-1

185|366  Paw Patrol day185-1

186|366  Sleeping Bigpicture1-2

187|366 Toilet  Bigpicture1-3

188|366 Cozy  Bigpicture1-5

189| 366 Tadpoles day190-1

190|366 Wide Open Spaces day186-1

191|366 Brothers  day191-1

192|366  “I missed you, Dada!”   day192-1

193|366  Giggles  day193-1

194|366 Drinks!   day194-1

195|366  Parkour  day195-1

196|366 “No Water guns here!”   day196-1

Project 366ish: Week 24, 25 & 26

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~Neil Gaiman

162|366 First tooth to finally fall out. day162-1

162|366 day164b-1

163|366  Introducing Blossom Chivers!



165|366 “Juxtaposition” in the backyard. day165b-1

166|366 Somehow it is cool to sit on the hood of our car. day166-1

167|366  I was taking pictures of the Grade 2’s at school. L wanted me to take a picture of him too. So glad that I did! day167-1

168|366 I want to remember this beautiful smile. Last picture before several years of Orthodontic work. day168-1

169|366 It sounded like squawking ducks outside and then they decided to give a concert. day169-1

170|366 SO proud of this little team. The H2 boys played their hearts out in Spring H3 hockey.  They were small but mighty! day170-1

171|366 Sometimes your family expands in surprising ways. Almost ten years ago, we were incredibly blessed with dear S and 3 new sisters. family-1

172|366 L’s Hanai day172-1

173|366 O dreamed up his own costume for his Fairy Tale Party at school. Can you guess who he is?  day173-1 (Jack and the Beanstalk)

174|366 Last day of preschool. day174-1

175|366   O’s “Porky” and “Goldie” swaddled in “Banket.” day175-1

176|366 Bike Safety at school. day 176

177|366 Circus is so much fun! day177-1

178|366 The boys went to their buddy B’s “Star Wars” birthday patty! day 178

179|366 M, A & K all played Monster High dolls over the fence tonight.day179

180|366 The love-hate relationship between these two. day180-1

181|366  Summer nights means lots of bike rides to the “Round About!” day181-1

182|366 Lots of kisses on the window and our secret “I love you” in sign language.day182-1

Project 366ish: Week 22 & 23

Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by. — Carl Sandburg

148|366 Camp Readday148-1

149|366   Goalieday149-1

150|366 Angry Birds Maskday150-1

151|366  Backcatcherday151-1

152|366 Beautiful girlday152-1

153|365  Small boy on a bench day153-1

154|366 Dinosaurday154-6

155|366 Vancouver View day155-1

156|366 Lots of legs day156-1

157|366 Doug day157b-1

158|366 Backyard games day157-1

159|366 Baby teeth day159-1

160|366 6:02pm day160-1

161|366 Roar! day161-1

Project 366ish: Week 20 & 21

“The sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while its here is up to us. Journey wisely.” -Alexandra Elle

134 | 366 day134-1

135 | 366 day135-1

136 | 366day136-1

137 | 366 day137-1

138 | 366 day138-1

139 |366 day140-1

140 | 366 day140b-1

141 | 366 day141-1

142 | 366 day142-1

143|366 day143-1

144 | 366 day144-1

145 | 366 day145-1

146 | 366 day146b-1

147 | 366 day147-1

Project 366ish: Week 18

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
-William James

120/366  L pitches way better than Mama.day120-1

121/366 Sushi for dinner.day121

122/366 “Strong is the new pretty.” -Kate T. Parkerday123-1

123/366 Before & after. day123

124/366 My little shark has outgrown his little towel.day124-1

125/366 One day he will eat more than 6 different foods. day125-1

126/366 O and Gung Gung. day126-1

Project 366ish: Week 16 & 17

 “Perfection lies in capturing what you’re looking for, not what’s technically sound.”   -Daphne Laput

(Full disclosure: I have lost a little steam with my project  but I really want to continue so some of these pictures were taken on the same day or even on a different day.)

106/366  Middle Man, you are happy playing any kind of sport. day106-1

107/366  Where has my little girlie gone? You are getting so grown up, Sweet Girl! day108-1

108/366  Another gorgeous Spring evening.ditl-april-43

109/366  I can not tell you how blessed we are to have our Mackenzie Heights Gang. day109-1

110/366  It is perfect normal to be running around at the baseball field shirtless, right? day110-1

111/366  Thank goodness, they are not too old to swing as high as they can. day111-1

112/366  Little Man, I promise that it will be your turn to play baseball soon. day112-1

113/366 Happy Earth Day! day113-1


115/366 These three. ❤ day115-1

116/366  Boo, I think that my camera is part of the latest Nikon recall… I am seeing shadowing. blog2-1

117/366  Bubbles in the bath. day117-1


119/366 “You can only take a picture of me like this, Mama.” blog2-2