Project 366ish: Week 24, 25 & 26

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~Neil Gaiman

162|366 First tooth to finally fall out. day162-1

162|366 day164b-1

163|366  Introducing Blossom Chivers!



165|366 “Juxtaposition” in the backyard. day165b-1

166|366 Somehow it is cool to sit on the hood of our car. day166-1

167|366  I was taking pictures of the Grade 2’s at school. L wanted me to take a picture of him too. So glad that I did! day167-1

168|366 I want to remember this beautiful smile. Last picture before several years of Orthodontic work. day168-1

169|366 It sounded like squawking ducks outside and then they decided to give a concert. day169-1

170|366 SO proud of this little team. The H2 boys played their hearts out in Spring H3 hockey.  They were small but mighty! day170-1

171|366 Sometimes your family expands in surprising ways. Almost ten years ago, we were incredibly blessed with dear S and 3 new sisters. family-1

172|366 L’s Hanai day172-1

173|366 O dreamed up his own costume for his Fairy Tale Party at school. Can you guess who he is?  day173-1 (Jack and the Beanstalk)

174|366 Last day of preschool. day174-1

175|366   O’s “Porky” and “Goldie” swaddled in “Banket.” day175-1

176|366 Bike Safety at school. day 176

177|366 Circus is so much fun! day177-1

178|366 The boys went to their buddy B’s “Star Wars” birthday patty! day 178

179|366 M, A & K all played Monster High dolls over the fence tonight.day179

180|366 The love-hate relationship between these two. day180-1

181|366  Summer nights means lots of bike rides to the “Round About!” day181-1

182|366 Lots of kisses on the window and our secret “I love you” in sign language.day182-1


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