Project 366ish: Week 22 & 23

Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by. — Carl Sandburg

148|366 Camp Readday148-1

149|366   Goalieday149-1

150|366 Angry Birds Maskday150-1

151|366  Backcatcherday151-1

152|366 Beautiful girlday152-1

153|365  Small boy on a bench day153-1

154|366 Dinosaurday154-6

155|366 Vancouver View day155-1

156|366 Lots of legs day156-1

157|366 Doug day157b-1

158|366 Backyard games day157-1

159|366 Baby teeth day159-1

160|366 6:02pm day160-1

161|366 Roar! day161-1


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