Project 366ish: Week 16 & 17

 “Perfection lies in capturing what you’re looking for, not what’s technically sound.”   -Daphne Laput

(Full disclosure: I have lost a little steam with my project  but I really want to continue so some of these pictures were taken on the same day or even on a different day.)

106/366  Middle Man, you are happy playing any kind of sport. day106-1

107/366  Where has my little girlie gone? You are getting so grown up, Sweet Girl! day108-1

108/366  Another gorgeous Spring evening.ditl-april-43

109/366  I can not tell you how blessed we are to have our Mackenzie Heights Gang. day109-1

110/366  It is perfect normal to be running around at the baseball field shirtless, right? day110-1

111/366  Thank goodness, they are not too old to swing as high as they can. day111-1

112/366  Little Man, I promise that it will be your turn to play baseball soon. day112-1

113/366 Happy Earth Day! day113-1


115/366 These three. ❤ day115-1

116/366  Boo, I think that my camera is part of the latest Nikon recall… I am seeing shadowing. blog2-1

117/366  Bubbles in the bath. day117-1


119/366 “You can only take a picture of me like this, Mama.” blog2-2


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