Project 366ish: Week 15

“Joy is a net of love in which you can catch souls.”     –Mother Teresa

99/366 The boys at O’s school are totally into Pokemon cards right now. day99

100/366  Life is all good in the sunshine at a new playground. day100-1

101/366  #florencemarigoldinbloom (iPhone) IMG_2418

102/366 I am SO excited to meet some of my photography friends in real life at Click Away Seattle 2016.ditl-april-14

103/366  I am currently taking “The Documentary Approach” with Jessica Thomason as SA. It is such a good class with excellent PDFs and lots of videos.  (iPhone) IMG_2551

104/366 Little Man, you are love clothes. You are all about looking “cool” and “handsome” in your favourite gray jeans, your belt and these “tie shoes.” Unfortunately these shoes are about 2 sizes too big so Mama had to hide them until your feet grow a bit more. So you asked for a picture with them and I was happy to oblige.   day104-1

105/366  {iPhone} Day in the Life: capturing the beauty of the ordinary moments. IMG_2539

(Ugh, these images are all different sizes. But done is better than perfection so I will let it go and keep moving forward.)


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