Project 366ish: Week 14

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”  -Steve Maraboli

92/366 I want to remember how much you loved to play baseball, even when you have to hit a whiffle ball off a traffic cone in our tiny yard. day92-1

93/366 I want to remember how you loved to be in the front yard on lovely evenings. (The beautiful light was a total bonus!)week26-1

94/366  I want to remember what a wonderful Gung-Gung (Grandfather) you are to M, O & L.  Happy Birthday, Dad! day94-1

95/366  I want to remember that how you loved playing games with me.  You “read” all the cards to me.day95-1

96/366  I want to remember how all three of you went to a wonderful, little preschool with such lovely teachers.day96-1

97/366  I want to remember how sweet you can be to your little brother even though you claim to not like him very much. day97-1

98/366  I want to remember how brave you were heading off to the Big House overnight with your class. You were very nervous and excited. (And Mama totally cried after you left. This parenting gig is hard… all this “letting go” is so happy-sad.) day98-1


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