Week 44 & 45: Project 365ish

Savor the moment. Search for a little joy, and you will find a great deal of it in unexpected places.

I have to confess that I have completely lost steam with my 365 project so Week 44 & 45 are unedited (gasp!) pictures from our holiday to the Sunshine Coast.

299/365 Fun on the ferry. (iPhone)IMG_1015

300/365 They sat on the dock for a good 20 minutes before finally jumping in.DSC_0709

301/365  M, O & L were so excited to go “fishing” this year.DSC_0761

302/365 M made do with some fishing line, a hook, a stick and some hot dog for the first day of fishing.DSC_0783

303/365 Little Man got tired climbing 45 steps from the dock.DSC_0803

304/365  Our late afternoon visit to Keats Island was a highlight.DSC_0910

305/365 Only one of us wouldn’t get in the tube. I wonder who that could be! DSC_0944

306/365  Almost had crab for dinner but they were too small. DSC_1006

307/365 There is something so sweet about little kids in animal towels. DSC_1008

308/365 Oh darling boy, you were so happy on this trip.DSC_1071

309/365 My brave girl, you are growing beautiful wings. Some day soon, you will fly high.DSC_1077

310/365  A mermaid in a lake. DSC_1131

311/365 M, your persistence paid off on our last night and you caught your first fish.DSC_1289

312/365  A peaceful, calm, happy place.   DSC_1299

Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Jen next. Enjoy the beautiful images of these wonderfully talented ladies!  



  1. Hey Andrea such wonderful gun photos of your trip. Love how you captured the kids having fun. The lighting is so beautiful. I love that towel picture.

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