Week 40: Project 365ish

God, Grant me the Serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and Wisdom to know the difference.
-Reinhold Niebuhr

271/365 I want to remember the love between my sweet girl and my beautiful sisterweek40-8

272/365  I want to remember how much fun we had with our family from another province. We see them once a year but we always have a great time! week40-2

273/365  I want to remember how this boy has been building his “baseball locker” outside. Good thing that it hasn’t rained in weeks. week40-3

274/365  I want to remember how M takes after her Mama and loves to bake. She made the yummiest “Chocolate Ganache Flower Cakes.” week40-4

275/365 I want to remember how O & M were playing spy-detectives. They were trying to figure out who or what made the picture frame fall. Don’t you love their disguises?  week40-5

276/365 I want to remember my amazing Granny celebrating her 105th Birthday. Happy, Happy Birthday dear Granny! Granny-1

277/365 I want to remember the day that smoke from nearby forest fires covered the sky. The smell of smoke  and ash filled the air.  It was supposed to be sunny, clear day with no clouds. Pray for rain! week40-6

Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Amber next. Enjoy the beautiful images of these wonderfully talented ladies!  



  1. Andrea these are so beautiful. The remember theme is wonderful too such amazing things to have photos to look at later on. Your granny is beautiful. I hope your mini detectives solved the mystery.

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