Week 35: Project 365ish

We build our lives in moments, and even the ones we can’t remember become the story of who we are.  —Katherine Center


237/365 My girl is an artist.week35-8

238/365 We pass this wall of ivy everyday. Today I got 2 of 3 kiddos to pose for picture in front of it. week35-2

239/365 I wish you could have seen them all dancing in the evening light. L was even wearing a dress. Then they let me capture this image. Be. Still. My. Heart! week35-3

240/365 I am working on a Kindergarten Photo book for O’s class and trying to get some more pictures of his classmates. He was having fun in the House Corner during Play Centres! week35-4

241/365 As you can see, we are a very allergic household!week35-6

242/365 Gung-Gung, Po-Po, Tai-Po, M, O, L. Bet you can’t guess how old my Tai-Po is. (Hint: She is AMAZING!)week35-5

243/365 My Monkey Man was the only one to swing across all three ropes. week35-7

Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Andria. Enjoy the beautiful images of these wonderfully talented ladies!  



  1. Ahh, what a beautiful artist you have! Love that first photo! The of all your kiddos is super sweet, too ❤ ❤ We have allergies in our house, too… the daily zyrtec or claritan doesn't seem to cut it anymore.. boo for allergies!

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