Week 23 & 24: Project 365

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

We have just come back from a wonderful family holiday to Disneyland and Palm Desert. How lucky and blessed we are! We all certainly felt the magic of the happiest place on earth.

153/365  Can’t believe that we are here! Blog-3952

154/365  My sweet girl’s face says it all. MAGIC! ATS-ditl-1

155/365 We narrowly avoided a Disneyland meltdown by following the lady with the cotton candy cart across the park. (Literally!) Blog-4008

156/365 Someone loved carrying his small boy all around Disneyland. Blog-4021

157/365  Girlie, you were so thrilled to finally get to drive a car. You did such a good job too! (Mama got a little glimpse of our not so distance future.)Blog-4117

158/365  The 3 of you loved meeting the Disneyland characters and getting their autographs. M, you managed to draw on Pluto when you handed him your pen so he got you back. 😉 Blog-4192

159/365 After four days in the Magic Kingdom, it was time to say goodbye. Darling boy, you held on to your light saber for dear life, even when you fell asleep. Blog-4309

160/365 Little Man, you loved to say good morning to the ducks, Sally and Phil, who rested on the lawn outside our condo. Blog-4375

161/365  The landscape of Palm Desert was so different that anything we had ever seen before. Blog-4390

162/365 We got to see real giraffes at the Living Desert. I will probably never to go Africa so this was an amazing sight to see. So fascinating! Blog-4434

163/365 M, O & L were so happy to be together in the sun. SO. MUCH. LOVE! Blog-4481

164/365  The light in our condo was lovely in the morning so I begged the kids to jump on the bed so I could take some pictures. They were thrilled to oblige! Blog-4533

165/365 This little face. Small boy, I love you so much. Blog-4632

166/365 Swimming, swimming and more swimming! Littlest man actually learned to swim in this pool. SO cool! Blog-4755

Please follow our blog circle to see what Jen http://www.jenrphoto.com/?p=1368 has been up to this week!






  1. Wonderful just so wonderful. I loved reading and looking at your photos. I totally felt like I was there too. Looks like the entire family enjoyed the trip. And wait you didn’t get the stroller for disney?

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