Week 19: Project 365

“Sometimes we just have to pick a direction and start pulling that paddle through the water, and along the way we’ll get the stability and confidence we’re looking for. But you’ll never find it at the beginning, standing there, waiting for the waves to stop shaking the board. The waves never stop shaking the board.”
– Shauna Niequist.

 126/365 Peace and quiet.ATS-1

127/365  Lifestyle homework.ATS-2

128/365  Boys will be boys.DSC_1942

129/365  He has been dreaming of this day. ATS-4

130/365  On his way to his first goal.ATS-3

131/365  Good times with friends. ATS-7

132/365  Lazy Sunday Mornings.ATS-5-2

Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Amber next. Enjoy the beautiful images of these wonderfully talented ladies!



  1. What a beautiful week! I adore the slingshot image- way to put yourself in the line of fire. And that last photo – with the band aid on the forehead, so sweet. The composition in the first image really pulls the eye right in as well. Great job.

  2. Wow your son is awesome on skates. Look at him go with the hockey stick. All I can think of when am looking at that photo with the slingshot is please don’t let it go. Love the lifestyle photos you got this week.

  3. Peace and Quiet says so much about life with two little brothers. Good catch. And the interaction on the bench is priceless! You caught everyone in action perfectly!

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