Week 12: Project 365

 “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” 
-Winston Churchill

Ugh, I just about cried when I opened up these pictures on the computer. Soft, soft, soft. Yuck!  I almost didn’t post them but this is what Week 12 looked like to me. It was all a bit of blur. In the rush of Christmas holidays, I don’t want to forget…

76/365 …how O carefully covered his gingerbread man in Smarties (and then ate them all off!)DSC_0398

77/365  …how L put one Smartie on his cookie, one in mouth, one on his cookie and one in his mouth.DSC_0400

78/365 …how there is only one cookie left for Santa. Can you guess who still has their cookie?  😉DSC_0402

79/365 …how L got stuck under the Christmas tree while trying to get his football.DSC_0421

80/365  …how a face-off looks with a whole bunch of 5 year olds and one puck. DSC_0459

81/365 …how #9 decided to have a little rest and eat some ice at his hockey game. DSC_0491

82/365 ….how my sister tried to teach M how to do Cat’s Cradle.DSC_0521

Thank goodness, that there are 40 more weeks in this project. (And so many memories to be made.)

Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Pam. Enjoy the beautiful images of these wonderfully talented ladies!




  1. I lol’ed at #9 eating the ice and L getting stuck under the tree. There is never a dull moment with these kids.

  2. Your photos are really great don’t know what you were complaining about. I can see the story you are telling. You captured the kids so so well. Am laughing at the ice eating.

  3. What a wonderful quote- and I never would have noticed any issues if you hadn’t pointed them out. You’ve got a wonderful set of storytelling images here. I love the intense concentration you captured with the cookie decorating shots and the cat’s cradle image is so sweet.

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