Week 7: Project 365

“Dream your dream.  Follow your heart.  Imagine.  Listen to the wind.  Drink sunsets.  Be free.  Let the wonder never cease.  Believe.  Wish on EVERY star.  Create adventure.  Be Kind.”  – Debbie Coulter

41/365  She drew a map of park.DSC_9374

42/365  More puddles.DSC_9381

43/365  Practising sunbursts.DSC_9425

44/365  An attempt at our Christmas card photo but Little Brother didn’t want to be in it. 20141112-DSC_9451

45/365 Having a “fun ride” in the driveway. (iPhone picture.) IMG_0063

46/365 He will sit there for hours with my iPhone.20141114-DSC_9535

47/365 Number 9 loves playing hockey. 20141115-DSC_9570

Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Missy. Enjoy the beautiful images of these wonderfully talented ladies!



  1. So much fun you had this week. Love the starburst. Never purposely tried to get one yet. I got one by accident once. Aren’t you afraid he will drop the phone in the tub or toilet? My hubby will freak out if I let my kids use my phone near any type of water.

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