Week 4: Project 365

For M, O & L…

I hope after spending an hour … a day … a lifetime in my presence,
I leave your heart fuller,
your smile wider,
your spirit stronger
your future brighter
than you could have ever imagined by yourself.
– Rachel Macy Stafford

20/365 Little Man, when we were driving home, you asked to go to the park. We stopped at a new park where you ran around and stomped on mushrooms.DSC_8205

21/365  A “Downward Dog” yoga pose and more Lego. (I am starting to see a pattern here!)DSC_8256

22/365 Poor girlie came home sick from school and went straight to bed.DSC_8257

23/365 A few members of the Mackenzie Heights gang.DSC_8266

24/365  Middle Man, you needed a haircut so badly.  The option were “Short, short or short.”DSC_8300

25/365 Oh baby girl, how can I slow down time? DSC_8324

 26/365 I wanted to try to get some shots of the kids in their Halloween costumes as it is supposed to rain all week.  Let’s just say that I have my fingers crossed that it isn’t raining on Friday! (M dreamed up her “Cupcake Princess” costume all on her own.)DSC_8333

 Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Missy. Enjoy the beautiful images of these wonderfully talented ladies!



  1. I adore that you take your camera with you places. Its one thing that I still haven’t gotten a full grasp at. I love seeing these did bits of your daily life.

  2. Looks like you had an amazing week. I love here Halloween costume, and the black and white scooter image is wonderful – it really captures the fun of childhood.

  3. Aaaawe… I’m a sucker for a sleeping child shot. Gets me every time. Something so peaceful about it 🙂 The one of the three of them on their scooters is my favorite though – perfect!

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