Week 3: Project 365

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty AMAZING!

13/356  Just trying a little low light.



14/365  Middle Man with his beloved “pants”- they are actually his long underwear for hockey.



15/365 M, O & L,  sometimes there is just so much sibling fun and love going on in our house. I need to remember that. You decided to go camping in the living room, roast marshmallows in the fire place and have a dance party. I didn’t mange to capture a clear, perfect picture but this picture says it all for me.



16/365 This boy. Love you till the end of time and beyond.



17/365  A little Star Wars on a “blue ocean”. (And then all three played mermaids.)



18/365   Little Man loves the iPad. Mama loves trying to get the shot.



19/365 L, you love your “new to you” big boy bike.


Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Jennifer. Enjoy the beautiful images of these talented ladies!



  1. I love love love that he has a pair of saucony’s! These are beautifully done! I love seeing tid bits of everyone’s life!

  2. Wonderful photos this week. Love seeing all the fun things your kids do. The Ipad photo is great and your little boy looks serious about what he is watching on there.

  3. Amazing photos this week! And that blue ocean is amazing…it’s so wonderful you’re capturing all these images of their imagination and creativity.

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