Week 1 of my 365 Project!

“What you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” – Unknown

A wise women once told me that I had to step out of my comfort zone because that is where the magic happens! So I have joined a  365 Blog Circle where I will take a picture a day and blog them once a week for a whole year! There are no rules and most of my pictures will be taken with my big girl camera, with some iPhone pictures thrown into the mix. My goals for this project is to really work on my photography and editing skills, push myself to try using different types of light and of course, to document some of the big and little moments of my family’s wonderful, ordinary life!


Day 1:  Sweet girl, you have started at the Main school this year. Such a big change in your life but you are taking it in stride.


Day 2: L, you are love putting gel in your hair. Today you managed to put handfuls of conditioner in there too! So you had a nice afternoon bath.


Day 3: Sometimes it is just good to wear your jammies all day!


Day 4:  The Cinderella Ball with Daddy was “the BEST day ever!”


Day 5: Spinning in a princess crown surrounded by beautiful light? Yes, please!

Please follow our 365 blog circle and visit Andria. Enjoy the beautiful images of these talented ladies!



  1. Aww I love the father daughter hug. Your photos show so much about what their childhood is about. Fun.
    And I recognize the coat. Am a fan too.

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