My Kids Were Here – May 2014

“To see the high check marks on the report card before I see the low ones …

To see her beautiful swimming form before I notice what place she comes in … 

To see she’s dressed herself before I notice the cowboy boots and tank top combination …

To see she’s made her own breakfast before I notice cereal scattered across the counter …

To see the clever artwork she’s created before I notice the mess …

To see the way she beams when she plays her guitar before I notice the out-of-tune notes … 

To see the effort and the attempt before I see the mistakes and the shortcomings …

To see the beauty and goodness before I see the flaws and imperfections.

This is how I want to live. To notice the good—always the good—

before anything else… and above all else.”

© Rachel Macy Stafford 2012


Sweet M, what a joy it was listening to you giggle away while you were drawing this picture of Yoda and Luke Sky Walker dancing. Your brothers wanted you to come outside so your paper and pencil crayons were left on the table as you ran out the door to join them.


Middle Man, you are loving our new bath tub so you are having 2 baths a day with your goggles on. Lots of baths are a good thing because you are so dirty from playing outside.


Little Man, it did not take you very long to figure out your “run” bike. Soon you were off like the wind after your sister and brother, your little legs running as fast as they could go.


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  1. First thing, I love your tile!

    The organization in the first shot makes me smile. Generally drawing of any sort in our house is a huge mess.

  2. I really like the poem/essay you began with. The photos, as always, are beautiful. My favorite is the goggles hanging in the shower. In its simplicity, I envision a lot of emotion- a happy child, lost in imagination , splashing around the tub. Nice work !

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