My Kids Were Here- April 2014

The theme for April’s Kids Were Here blog circle was Hidden. This month we packed our bags and jumped on a plane to Maui where we spent 12 nights in paradise.  As I looked around our “Maui House” (as our kids called it) on our last day, I found hidden evidence that my kids were here too. The Hawaiian word for hidden is “Nalonalo.”


O, you developed a love for sea turtles on this trip. You even got to see a huge sea turtle swimming in the shallow waters at the beach.


M, you were so sweet to try and fix your brother’s little plastic monkey with your rainbow loom bands. Somehow the little monkey ended up hanging here.


L, you love building “lego” like your big brother so you packed some in your suitcase to bring to Maui.

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  1. It’s great that you were able to complete the post for the month is Hawaii! I really like how you write this to your kids. It gets me kinda teary every time I read your posts.

  2. Oh my this post is so sweet. So glad you were able to document that you kids were there in the Maui house. And thanks for the teaching me a new language.

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